Drug Crimes

Drug related crimes are among the most frequently charged category of crimes in Massachusetts’ courts. These crimes can range from simple possession to trafficking. Sentences for drug related crimes can be as low as probation or involve lengthy state prison sentences. Often, these charges are life altering.

Massachusetts classifies Drug Related Crimes by first categorizing the type of drug. In Massachusetts a drug or narcotic is either classified as a Class A, B, C, D or E drug. The most common drugs that fall into these categories are Heroin, which is a Class A, Cocaine, which is a Class B, Peyote, which is a class C, Marijuana, which is a class D and all other prescription drugs fall in the category of a Class E drug. With the most serious penalties reserved for Class A and the least severe penalties for Class E.

Simple possession of any class of drug is generally a misdemeanor. While possession with intent to distribute, distribution and trafficking fall into the category of Felonies. For Example, both possession with intent to distribute or distribution of a class A or B drug has a potential 10 year state prison sentence, while possession with intent to distribute or distribution of a class C drug has a potential 5 year state prison sentence.

Additionally, Trafficking Offenses involve large quantities of narcotics and have severe penalties requiring lengthy mandatory state prison sentences.

If you find yourself charged with Drug Related Crime, engage a criminal defense attorney early. With years of experience handling these matters call for the experience you need and deserve.

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