License to Carry Firearms

Has your Massachusetts Class A or B LTC application been denied? Then you need the attorneys at The Newton Law Firm, LLP on your side who are ready, willing and able to protect your 2nd Amendment rights. At The Newton Law Firm, we have the experience you need in navigating the murky waters of Massachusetts Carry and Conceal law.

Firearms License Application Lawyers

It’s important to get your application done right the first time. Often minor errors within the application will be used to deny you your 2nd amendment rights. Thus contact us today to assist in your application process.
However, if your application has been denied the attorneys at The Newton Law Firm will relentlessly pursue every avenue to secure your constitutional right to carry, whether that is pursuing a petition with the Firearm License Review Board, an appeal to the District Court or thinking outside the box. At The Newton Law Firm, we have a track record of success and a wealth of knowledge that they can and will put to work for you.
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