Charged With Operating Under the Influence – Child Endangerment

In Massachusetts, if you are arrested for OUI and have a child under 14 in your vehicle, you will also be charged with Operating Under the Influence Child Endangerment, under Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws, Chapter 90 Section 24V.

Under the OUI-Child Endangerment law a maximum jail sentence of 2.5 years is possible; also it requires the court to impose a 90 day minimum jail sentence; that maybe suspended by the court. A DUI child endangerment charge cannot be Continued Without a Finding, thus it requires a guilty criminal conviction be entered against you.

Also, the OUI Child endangerment charge comes with a one-year license suspension. To be convicted of OUI child endangerment charge the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the child in the car was under the age of 14 and also secure a conviction for the underlying OUI charge.
Given the severe consequences of an OUI child endangerment charge it is important to hire an experienced drunk driving defense attorney as soon as possible.

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