Post-Divorce Modification Lawyers

Once a divorce agreement has become final, life changes can happen that necessitate a modification to that agreement. If you have experienced a change in your family or in your finances, whether those changes have happened months or years following the divorce, you may need to revise the terms of your agreement. It is in your best interests to pursue a post-divorce modification with an experienced attorney.
At The Newton Law Firm in Middleton, Massachusetts, We have helped clients modify divorce agreements in order to better meet their needs and the needs of their children. This includes situations where you need to relocate with your child out of the county or out of the state.
If you have questions about the process of post-divorce modifications in Massachusetts or would like to learn how we can help you achieve your objectives, contact us online or call 978-995-2014 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Life changes that may make it necessary to request a modification include the loss of a job, a remarriage, an illness or other economic factors. These modifications can range from an increase or decrease in child support to child visitation revisions. If the other parent wishes to dispute a modification, these situations can turn into conflicts that are highly-contested.
It may also be possible to modify alimony arrangements that are part of divorce agreements. Our firm can help you with a wide-range of post-divorce matters throughout Massachusetts. We will evaluate your situation and give you realistic expectations about the potential outcomes.

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If you are contemplating a modification to your divorce agreement, we can provide the kind of tailored legal representation you deserve. Contact our office in Middleton, Massachusetts, for representation throughout Essex, Middlesex & Suffolk Counties or surrounding areas.