Unmarried Parental Rights

When it comes to parental rights and the law in Massachusetts, there is a difference between married and unmarried parents. Regardless of marital status, however, parents still have rights regarding child support, child custody and visitation. Fathers may have to establish their rights through paternity actions in order to assert their parental rights. After that step, fathers may be able to establish child custody plans that fit their needs and the needs of their children.
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No matter if parents are married or not, the rights and interests of children still come first in all child custody and child support matters. A child should be entitled to financial support from both parties and should be able to have relationships with their parents. Before these arrangements can be made, paternity must be established before other factors are taken into account.
Child support is based upon the incomes of the parents, as well as the child custody arrangements that have been set up. We will help you come to an agreement that makes sense for your family and meets your objectives. If you need to establish paternity in order to assert custody rights or to recover support, We can guide you through the process.

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